Worth Repeating: Stendhal

A little reminder that simple style is not to be taken for granted (apparently, even in the 1800s). I, for one, look up to those who can maintain perfectly simple style. It takes a trained eye and a refined sense to be able to tell the difference between simple and plain.

Below: Three intelligent women who are inspirations for simple style.

Katherine Hepburn looking lovely in a simple shirt dress.

The LBD done right by Jane Birkin.

Jackie O. is classic in a turtle neck and a trench.


Who is your favorite icon of simple style? I’m going to try to my hand at perfecting a simple look this week. I will be sure to share!

Worth Repeating: Henry Ward Beecher

I’m usually good about recognizing life’s little pleasures, but lately I have been caught up with life’s big questions. I need to regain some perspective. I’m going to start taking mental notes of the little things that bring me great happiness on a day-to-day basis. Today it is my perfectly messy bun, that took no effort. That never happens.

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