Sock It to Me

Not sure exactly why, but I have been obsessing over socks big time lately. I’ve bought eleven pairs in the last month… that’s more than all of last year.  A little strange I know, but think I may have an answer. Socks fit in quite nicely with another one of my styling obsessions- layering. Socks are just one more way to make a statement with your attire. This outfit, for instance, is really simple ankles up, but the socks are the difference between putting something on and deciding what to wear. I really like the socks with sandals trend, even though I can already predict regretting it in a few years. It is a little quirky, really cute,  and oddly fun to prance around town in.


The 16 Hour Ensemble

Friday I went for sort of a borrowed-from-the-boys look. I kept it cute and a little feminine by adding a gold necklace and tights. I also thought the hot pink lips would be a nice contrast to the rest of the look. This is an example of a great outfit for when you don’t know where your day will take you. On Friday this ensemble got me through work, an H&M shopping event, dinner with friends, and even out. I’d say the secret is a combination of casual elements, in this case a chambray shirt and flat boots, and a few dressier elements- a blazer and dress shorts.

Blazer – Loft

Pin (on jacket) – J. Crew

Shirt – Gap

Shorts – H&M

Boots – Target

Maxi-mum Potential

The pattern continues… I am, and will probably always be, a delinquent blogger. However, I just do this for fun, so I will move forward uploading sporadically as I please 🙂 The look below is a great way to maximize the wear of your maxi dresses. This is a strapless dress that would look a little over the top for a Monday, so I dressed it down by layering a t-shirt over it and knotting it at the waist to maintain some shape. The blazer pulls the look together and keeps it profesh! This is one of my favorite fall transitioning techniques… I highly recommend it!

Dress – Yumi Kim

T-Shirt – Urban Outfitter

Jacket – H&M



Pretty in Pink (Socks)

This is one of my all time favorite dresses. It is a pretty fall print and a style that lends itself to layering. It was a little chilly this morning, but I have a feeling the days when bare legs are appropriate are becoming few. I decided a little chill was worth it. I didn’t want to risk not getting a chance to wear this dress/booties combo sans tights this season. These pink trimmed socks add a little quirkiness to the look, pick up the pink in the dress and keep my toes toasty! I was back and forth between a blazer and a more safari style jacket, but ultimately settled for the blazer because it off-sets the casualness of the socks.

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